Gulp & Gasp


The play is about Lord Septic, a cruel and ambitious man. His servant, Crouch, tries hard to please his master by carrying out Lord Septic’s orders without question. The entire scene takes place at a deserted railway station at night. Lord Septic paces on the station platform lamenting about the train delay and the foggy night. The conversation is one-sided with Crouch grunting his agreement to his master even though he does not really understand what is being said. Lord Septic mentions his plans to take over all the railway stations along the King’s Cross line. We learn from Crouch that Lord Septic is already a rich, powerful and famous man. Yet Lord Septic craves for more money and power so that he can be the richest man in the land. He also has another motive for wanting to buy the railway stations – he is trying to get his hands on the Gatsby Gold, a lost fortune, which he believes to be buried along the railway line. When Rose, a blind flower seller, emerges on the platform


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